The Bible Certificate at Great Northern University trains students to interpret the Bible historically, theologically, canonically, and practically. This program is designed for those who desire foundational training in studying the Bible, whether for personal growth or for growth in a particular ministry (Sunday school teacher, small group leader, local church elder, etc.).


Suggested Program Plan 

What Can I Do with a Bible Certificate? 

  • Work with mission agencies (the Bible certificate fulfills the minimum Bible and Theology course requirements for most mission agencies)
  • Enhance your background as a leader, teacher, and/or member in the local church
  • Lead small groups and Bible studies
  • Begin further education in Bible and/or Theology

Bible Certificate Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Bible Certificate, students will be able to:

  • Describe the broad redemptive-historical storyline of the Bible and the place of each biblical book within that storyline.
  • Evaluate current ecclesial and cultural trends in light of Scripture.
  • Interpret Scripture in its historical and theological contexts.

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