The Applied Linguistics Certificate at Great Northern University provides the student with a strong foundation in linguistic analysis, field research methods, and an ability to examine and describe the sociolinguistic or literary status of dialects, creoles, or minority languages.

The program adds significant distinctiveness and competency to anyone seeking or already employed in any related career path, including Bible translation, language teaching, education, or language acquisition. Emphasis is placed on integrating linguistic principles and analysis with spiritual growth and missional focus for any cross-cultural or cross-linguistic vocation.

Students must demonstrate a minimum of novice-to-mid-level proficiency in a modern foreign language. A year of a foreign language may also be used to satisfy this requirement.

Suggested Program Plan

What Can I Do with an Applied Linguistics Certificate?

•  Become a Bible translation specialist
•  Speed up the process of language acquisition for cross-cultural service
•  Advance your own job opportunities in language or culture-related positions
•  Advance education in underdeveloped countries
•  Begin further studies in Linguistics

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Certificate in Applied Linguistics, students will be able to: 

  • Apply research principles to analyze and describe the phonemic inventory and articulatory characteristics of any language.
  • Analyze in detail either the morphological or phonological characteristics of a language without prior exposure.
  • Articulate a concise analysis of the main aspects of English syntax, with application to other languages.
  • Adapt and apply linguistic field methods to identify semantic, pragmatics, and sociolinguistic characteristics of a language style, dialect or creole.
  • Adapt and apply research methods and analytical principles to determine needs for Bible translation for minority languages.
  • Apply principles to determine effective strategies for continued acquisition of a foreign language.

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