Kay Tronsen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Communication

Dr. Tronsen has always been good at school, so becoming a teacher and, eventually, a professor made lots of sense. She always thought bio’s should be linear — connecting the dots, one after another, something like a road map following a logical course over the landscape. In Dr. Tronsen’s case, it’s more like a connect-the-dots picture, eventually producing a duck or galaxy of stars, or more appropriately, a giant book. This does not lend itself to an easy, straight-forward bio tale.

Dr. Tronsen got married after high school, and went back to college as an adult with children. She has a variety of work experience including public school teaching. She taught at Moody for five and a half years, until that row of dots lead to a different direction (go GNU!). She loves writing, literature, and seeing what God will do next.

Dr. Tronsen is married to her life-long sweetheart, Dale. She has three grown children, five grandchildren, and no pets. Her hobbies include reading, writing fiction, remodeling things with her husband, and traveling.

Education and Experience

• Ph.D. in English, Rhetoric and Composition from Washington State University, 2005
• M.A. in English, Rhetoric and Composition from Washington State University, 1998
• B.A. in English from California Baptist College, 1992