Professor Emeritus of Intercultural Studies

Dr. Beine is a scholar and practitioner of anthropology with comprehensive training and experience in a wide range of anthropological sub-specialties including medical anthropology, cognitive anthropology and linguistics. With topical interests in South Asia, the Indian and Nepali caste systems, the history of anthropology, cognitive science and Christian missions — as well as being published extensively in several of these domains — you can see why Dr. Beine is well-qualified to teach Intercultural Studies at Great Northern University.

Pragmatically, Dave has been involved in documenting endangered languages in India and directed applied medical anthropology efforts (HIV and AIDS prevention) and literacy and language use projects in Nepal. More recently, he has applied his anthropological skillset locally, providing intercultural consulting services to police law enforcement agencies, parks departments, refugee resettlement agencies, schools and other non-profit organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest.

While applied anthropology has been Dave’s vocation, mission has always been his motivation. From 1987-2016 he was a full-time missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators where he served in a number of capacities including language surveyor (India and Nepal), language use project facilitator (Nepal), regional anthropology consultant (South Asia), director of two different missionary training programs (Oregon and Canada), and as both a Senior Anthropology Consultant and International Anthropology Consultant for SIL International (worldwide).

His passion and application of academic expertise has always been to help make missionaries better missionaries.

Prior to his full-time vocational involvement in missions, Dave served as a minister to youth, coordinator of missions, and Christian broadcaster in his hometown of Sacramento, California. He has been married to his M.D. wife Kimberly for 25 years and they have four sons ranging from eighth grade to sophomore in college.

At Great Northern University, Dave teaches Missions, Intercultural Communication, Cultural Anthropology, and selective electives in a range of topics including global health care and Native American studies. He serves as a tutor in the Intercultural Studies Honors Program and is a faculty advisor for our yearly student-led missions conference.

Beyond Dave’s professional and vocational interests, his other greatest passions are fishing, camping and spending time with family.


  • American Anthropological Association
  • Cultural Studies Group of Nepal
  • Society for Linguistic Anthropology
  • Society for Medical Anthropology
  • AIDS and Anthropology Research Group
  • Society for Anthropological Sciences

Published Works

  • A Sociolinguistic Survey of the Bhatri-Speaking Communities of Central India (2017)
  • A Continuing Role for Western Bible Translators? (2016)
  • Earthquakes and Culture (2015)
  • Ensnared By Aids: Cultural Contexts of HIV and Aids in Nepal (2014)
  • A Sociolinguistic Survey of the Gondi-Speaking Communities of Central India (2013)
  • Medical Halls: The New Shaman? Examining a New Trend (and Implications) in Health-Seeking Behavior in Nepal (2012)
  • Chepang Then and Now: Life and Change Among the Chepang of Nepal (2012)
  • An Investigative Look at the Healthcare Beliefs and Practices During the Sen Dynasty (2012)
  • Causes of HIV and AIDS stigmatization in Nepal: A proposed model to reduce stigma; HIV/AIDS in Nepal (2011)
  • Views about Scripture: A Key to a Well-Used Book (2010)
  • The End of the Worldview Concept in Anthropology? A Summary Analysis (2010)
  • Hooked on the Fish: The Christian Sign of the Fish (2009)
  • HIV/AIDS in Nepal: The Making of a Cultural Model (2002)
  • Saano Dumre Revisited: Changing Models of Illness in a Village of Central Nepal (2001)
  • Nepal Then and Now: A Critical Appraisal of the Ethnography of Nepal (1998)
  • It’s All Relative Isn’t it? Cultural Relativism Revisited (1995)

Education and Experience

• Ph.D. in Anthropology with a focus in Cultural, Medical, and Cognitive Anthropology from Washington State University, 2000
• M.A. in Anthropology with a focus in Linguistic Anthropology from San Diego State University, 1994
• B.A. in Communication Studies from CSU Sacramento, 1986