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The GNU Foundation’s goal is to secure multi-generational financial stability for GNU through the establishment of an endowment. You can make a gift online at any time, but we would also love a chance to meet with you to discuss how you would like to direct your giving in ways most meaningful to you.

Why Give?

Great Northern University (established in 2018) educates individuals who engage and transform the world for Jesus Christ. When you give to the GNU Foundation, you are empowering GNU graduates, both now and in years to come, to complete the good work God is preparing them to do.

The product of your giving is our graduates. These are men and women who are well-trained, competent, and sincere in their desire to follow God’s leading for their lives.

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Featured Graduates

We teach Bible in English at a school in the highlands of Papua, Indonesia, and we are currently in the process of creating a curriculum that would connect the Bible to the culture and context here. This job requires a deep understanding of Scripture and a strong ability to learn the culture of the students. We would never be able to do what we are doing without our education from Great Northern University, which equipped us with the skills needed to step into this environment. For the past two years, when our leadership has complimented our ability to fit into this culture, we have credited our God but also our education at GNU.

—Married graduates, remaining anonymous due to the location and nature of their work

What meant the most to me about my GNU education were the small class sizes and personal relationships I was able to form with students and professors. People would follow up with me and pray with me if they knew I was struggling. I learned so much from my teachers because we really knew each other.

—Hannah Mekkes

Great Northern University taught me how to read and teach the Bible with a critical mind and loving heart; I had no idea those two could complement each other so well. The professors truly showed me how to love others well and do whatever I do with a love for the Word of God and sharing it with others. There is no other opportunity like it.

—Mikayla Killpatrick

Attending Great Northern University helped prepare me for seminary. Coming from the standard and quality of papers I had to write at GNU, it has made my seminary work seem more doable because I am now experienced in the process of writing papers and did very similar work in undergrad.

—Chris Laird

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The GNU Foundation’s Board of Trustees is a group of individuals who are motivated by the conviction that the world truly needs GNU and the students who are being developed there to make a lasting impact.