As a campus community, Great Northern University has many values that give direction to the way we believe we should live when together on campus and in our daily lives. These values are connected to our obligation and desire to live godly lives as described in Scripture. We wish to pursue God’s best with joyful hearts. We also know that we are imperfect in how we follow God’s ways. We must speak into each other’s lives when we get off track, while maintaining grace and forgiveness with a goal of restoration. Here are community values that we will hold before one another:

Honesty – Academic and Personal

As Christ-followers gathered at the GNU campus for personal, vocational, and academic training, we must be people who can be thoroughly trusted. This must be consistent when we teach, in the way in which assignments are completed, and in how we speak to one another. Plagiarism and cheating both undermine honesty (Ephesians 4:15, 25).

Edifying Language

Our words have such power to encourage and build each other up. As we choose our words carefully, we have the opportunity to be a community that is consistently ‘better’ because of the words of truth, encouragement and hope we speak to one another. This is just as true in our written words over email and social media. We also must resolve to develop effective interpersonal communication skills for confrontation, problem-solving, and setting appropriate boundaries (Ephesians 4:29-32; 5:4).

Discernment in Dress and Appearance

How we present our physical selves to the world can make a profound statement. We want to strive for an appearance that reflects uncompromising moral values, a statement of professionalism, and an expression of the personal value that is ours as God’s image-bearers. This would include choosing clothing that is clean, well-kept, and not sensual in design (1 Timothy 2:9-10).

Respect and Appreciation of the Differences amongst all Members of our Community

Our differences in ethnicity, race, gender, customs, and traditions are a privilege to experience. We will embrace these differences in order to learn from, honor, and enjoy one another (Galatians 3:28; Acts 17:26-27).

Church Involvement

GNU is not a church. Each of us must be involved in a local, Bible-believing church. Participation in a local church is crucial for expression of worship, personal discipleship and mentoring, and use of one’s gifts for the benefit of the body of Christ (Hebrews 10:23-25; Romans 12:1-8).

Marriage and Sexual Purity

In accordance with, and as defined by, our Policy Statement on Social Issues, members of the GNU community must affirm that sexual conduct is meant for marriage, and sexual misconduct is a violation of our Code of Belief and Conduct. Members of the GNU community must conduct themselves with sexual purity and marital fidelity by rejecting sexual immorality, as defined in that policy (Hebrews 13:4; 1 Corinthians 6:18-20).

Appropriate Drug, Alcohol, and other Substance Use

Use of alcohol must follow state law and be used in moderation, not ever to interfere with learning, employment, serving Christ and His Church, or each individual's witness. Alcohol is prohibited in and on campus without reservation; alcohol consumption and possession is also prohibited in GNU residence houses. GNU consists of students over and under the legal age limits; those who are of age are expected to manage their freedom wisely. Illegal use of tobacco, prescription drugs, and recreational drugs (including marijuana) in any form is prohibited for all members of GNU at all times, while enrolled or employed at GNU, except when medically prescribed. Although there are legal uses of marijuana in the state of Washington, its recreational use is also prohibited for all members of GNU at all times, while enrolled or employed at GNU, except when medically prescribed. GNU community members are also expected to practice good nutrition, and pursue bodily health in their dietary choices, so as to honor their bodies (Romans 13:13; Ephesians 5:18).

State, Local, and Federal Drug Policies

Healthy Recreation and Entertainment

Many forms of recreation and entertainment are enjoyable, edifying, and necessary for physical, emotional and spiritual health. We wish to celebrate sports, the arts, and enjoyment of God’s creation. At the same time, some expressions of the arts display mankind’s fallen nature and can be destructive to humans and dishonoring to God. We will purpose to use wise discernment in the engagement of the internet, music, dance, drama and movies, comedy, literature, television, and video games (Philippians 4:8; Colossians 3:17).

Weapons-free Campus

The possession or use of any type of weapon on GNU’s campus or university housing is prohibited. Weapons include, but are not limited to: firearms, ammunition, martial arts weapons, bows and arrows, swords, knives with blades over 4”, stun guns, and explosives of any type. Anyone found in possession of any unauthorized weapon on campus or in university housing may be subject to disciplinary or criminal proceedings.

The Practice of Wise Personal Discretion

With the desire for students, staff and faculty to have a strong testimony before God and others, we expect the exercise of personal discretion from one another. The following questions are the type that develop wise personal discretion:

    • Will this violate the revealed will of God?
    • Is this good stewardship of time and resources?
    • Will this help me to follow Christ and grow in His likeness?
    • Will this help my brothers and sisters follow Christ and grow in His likeness?
    • Will this feed a known weakness or sinful tendency? 

Because Great Northern University is a community built on biblical principles and comprised of growing individuals, a disciplinary process exists to create redemptive and educational outcomes from community-life violations. A student who intentionally or unknowingly violates GNU’s community values will follow a process which involves, at minimum, meeting directly with the Student Services Officer, who will facilitate a judicial process. As this process is relational in nature, our hope is to foster growth in the individual while also considering the health of the community.

While forgiveness may mean that the relationship is mended and restored, it does not mean imply the absence of consequences. Consequences may include campus community service, fines, probations, accountability groups/persons, counseling, suspension, dismissal, or whatever is deemed necessary. All disciplinary decisions will be made after careful consideration of what is best for the community and the student. Consistency will be strived for in dealing with particular actions and situations.

These community values are part of our larger Code of Belief and Conduct:

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