At Great Northern University, chapel is held weekly during the semester, at 11 a.m. on Wednesdays in the historic Uhden Chapel. This mid-week gathering at GNU fosters these vital purposes for the student body: 


This is the primary purpose of chapel at GNU. After spending many hours in the classroom each week, chapel is a good and necessary response for GNU students to use their musical, vocal, and leadership gifts to guide each other in worshiping God. This worship flows naturally out of seeing God at work in our own hearts, in GNU, and in the community around us.


Chapel at GNU is one of the major places where Christ-centered community is developed. Our faculty and staff join in for chapel, which makes chapel a whole-campus gathering. When we worship God together in spirit and in truth, our hearts are knit together in the united pursuit of Christ's kingdom and God's glory. This assembly truly transcends the typical student/professor interactions; in here, we are simply co-worshipers, doing what we were made to do.  


Chapel also provides an opportunity to consider topics and themes as an entire university, and to hear preaching and teaching on issues that are relevant to our students. Our roster of chapel speakers includes GNU's own professors and alumni, as well as other local pastors and ministry leaders. 

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