The Bachelor of Arts in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at Great Northern University will provide you with a strong foundation in the principles and practice of English language teaching either abroad (TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or in an English-speaking country (TESL –Teaching English as a Second Language).

The program strikes a balance between principles and skills: the principles and theories of language pedagogy as well as biblical principles, and the practical and professional skills necessary for effective cross-cultural English teaching. This major is an excellent path if you desire to pursue a teaching career or overseas ministry as it develops solid skills through practical experience for teaching English across age groups or in any cultural context.

Suggested Program Plan

What Can I Do with a TESOL Degree?

  • Teach in cross-cultural contexts
  • Lay ministry and trade opportunities in countries with limited access
  • Advance education in underdeveloped countries
  • Begin graduate studies in Linguistics, Teaching or Education

Sample Core Courses

Introduction to TESOL for Adult Learners

An introduction to the discipline of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). This course equips students with an understanding of the principles and practice of language learning and teaching, reflecting both current trends and best practices in second language pedagogy.

The Structure of English

A study of the structure of English, with emphasis on the difficulties non-English speakers experience in acquiring English grammar. Includes an analysis of grammatical errors common to ESL/EFL students and introduces effective principles and techniques for teaching English grammar. Coursework includes the design and application of grammar lesson content.

Practical Issues in TESOL

An examination of the practical and methodological issues related to teaching English as a second or foreign language. Emphasis is on the intersection of theoretical research and pedagogical considerations in choosing various methods and approaches, including traditional teaching methods, Communicative Language Teaching, and explicit vs. implicit form-focused instruction.

TESOL Course Preparation and Design

An investigation of the processes and principles of effective language course development, including the design of contextualized curriculum, assessment tools, and structure for language courses and programs. Practical skills are developed as the student-teacher designs a course for an actual TESOL program.

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