The Trustees of Great Northern University serve as the custodians of the founding mission and vision of the university. They are entrusted with: sustaining the biblical foundations upon which the university is founded; actively promoting a thoroughly and uniquely Christian worldview; enforcing biblical principles in all aspects of the organization; and in all other ways ensuring, in this age and in the ages to come, that GNU is a university that brings honor and glory to the name of Jesus Christ.

The Board of Trustees is also responsible for the selection, approval, and accountability of the university president and other corporate officers, as well as approval of and accountability for the university's annual budget.

GNU's Board of Trustees bring a healthy diversity to shared leadership, with extensive expertise in the areas of Christian missions and ministry, Christian theology, business, finance, and higher education. 

Christopher Sheeran

Cheney, WA

Jack White

Spokane, WA

John Boyd

Nampa, ID

Kurt Staeuble

Coeur d'Alene, ID

Misti Sanders

Nampa, ID

Richard Rocca

Treasurer | Chair of GNU Foundation | Spokane, WA

Wendy Liddell

University President | Spokane, WA

William Davis

Spokane, WA

William Dernell

Chairman | Viola, ID